About Us

Information and Communication are now the key factors to move ahead, reach out and bring change. In the times we live in, our choices are divided between a vaccine and a vitamin. WINDCHANGERS is the communication vitamin that is much required in today’s times in order to support the vaccine.

Reaching out to the audience in the most effective manner, using innovative approaches to provide complete information, enabling the audience to make informed choices, empowering participation through communication highlight much of our work in the last seventeen years across South Asia.

WINDCHANGERS always emphasizes on the human factor that bring out the best practices in the most humane and sensitive manner. Using the power of Storytelling across mediums, we begin with the audience in the centre of things, as a participant and not a viewer.

We emphasize on mobilizing the power of YOU in COMMYOUNICATION. We firmly believe the best communications are the ones that emerge from the ground and then return to community.

Formerly as INVERTED COMMAS, we have been a cutting-edge communication collective since 2004. Working across organizations and sectors, we believe in beginning with a fresh approach, from the scratch and not a template, challenging the status-quo and using a multi-disciplinary approach across communication forms and genres, we believe in creating communications that mobilizes and not merely inform.

We look forward to having long term association with organizations that believe in the critical need for clear, coherent communications in a post Covid world. We believe in the power of communications as an effective vitamin that strengthens, in changing the direction of the wind by setting a new narrative as we are the WINDCHANGERS.

The Process

  • Strategy


    This is where we begin and most importantly so. We undertake a rigorous process of engaging with all the key stakeholders through informal group discussions, field visits, program analysis, media studies and social observations to arrive at a communication strategy that best suits the program, the community and the communication. We document the process, the heartburns and our assessments in order to stay tied to the strategy, which is not to say we are not flexible.

  • Creative


    We believe in the Big Idea! Keeping in mind all the dynamics of the community, the program, the logistics involved, we then work on ideas that bring forth the best possible solutions and are pragmatic. Through references, thoughts, field interactions, media influences, client wisdom – we dig, we analyze and we think aloud. We engage with the best of professionals of the relevant sphere to get a complete understanding of the issue to create the best creative solutions. We make sure we enjoy the process till the end ensuring the best execution. We are hands-on at every step and make sure that best standards and practices are met to create quality materials.

  • Interaction


    We return to the community with our realizations and our creatives. Each work is presented and meticulously discussed. The strength of the idea, the creative, execution, the language, comprehension factors are all discussed to last of details. The community’s feedback is well considered and most importantly leads to an open discussion on the relevance and impact of the core idea within the community. The entire process creates a great sense of ownership within the audience.

  • Outreach


    And this is the end our beginning. We along with our project partners and the alliance members make sure the materials reach the last member of the community in the best possible manner. It’s that moment that justifies all our collective efforts to see and believe the sense of participation from the community and their pride and ownership in the communication. It’s that moment to live for and it is here we come a full circle.

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